Creative Process - how we make a Goatwood original

Most people think that buying a custom piece of furniture is a bit like going to the furniture store and finding something you like and just picking it out. This is possible however, we at Goatwood like to involve our customers in the process to produce something just for you e.g. we are a little be different. Yes you can go to our website and see something you like and ask for something similar but no two pieces will ever be exactly the same. Why?

1. each piece of timber we select is different e.g.  shape, colour, size and grain pattern.

2. we don't want to make the same piece over and over we'd prefer to tweak each item so they have their own unique style even though the elements may be similar. That way you get the essence but something unique at the same time.

Our Process:

Most of the time a customer will come to us and know roughly what they want e.g size, colour etc. sometimes they will ask for something unique or want to know the options we offer and some will ask for recommendations:


Because Goatwood only produces one off, handmade piece, specifically made for that customer, everything element is an option e.g. timber species, timber selection, size, design, live edge, straight cut sides, legs design, leg powder coat colour etc.

1. Know what you want:

If you have seen something in a store and want us to copy a design we will generally say NO. Why? because we don't copy and we want every piece that leaves our workshop to be a one off, Goatwood, original.

2. Something Unique:

Background: We have a number of social media accounts and we spend a lot of time searching for the coolest ideas and designs from all over the world. We know what's hot or not, what's unique or mass produced.

We often ask a series of questions like: have you seen something you like (on my website or somewhere else), what size, timber colour and feature, location the piece will be placed, size of the room etc. We don't copy but we will create something that has the flavour of a piece you may like and make our own take on a concept. or, we will either show you through our website and make something unique along the lines of one of our previous projects or make recommendations (see below).

3. Recommendations - Create a unique piece

After asking a series of questions to try and get an idea of what might work for you, we'll make recommendations on the size and design. Often, we'll come up with a style that the customer has never seen before (example) "a waterfall table' a customer may have never seen one before because most furniture stores only stock easy to make, popular mass produced items. Some we will not have made ourselves (but that won't stop us) and won't be on our website until that piece has been made.

Once a customer likes a design concept we'll show them some timber options and if they like the shades and character we'll quote for the project. If accepted we'll then try to find the right piece of timber (we've spend many hours researching building a relationship with saw mill owners to know who has what type of timber at any given moment). The water content of timber is critical and finding the right piece can take time. Most of the timber we select is Australian hardwoods sources from salvaged logs (from small, independent saw mills) cut from trees that are storm damaged, taken down for safety reasons or (standing or fallen) dead trees that are sold by landowners to save them from being burnt or the wood chipper.

If we can source the right piece we will ask for a small deposit and commence the process of purchasing that piece of timber e.g. having it shipped to us (or we'll pick it up) and then we'll make every part of your unique piece by hand here in Melbourne.

Updates on your project:

Generally we send at least a weekly message either (text or social media message) with image and/or a video of our progress made.

Where possible we prefer to deliver a piece in person.

1. So we can set it up for you (correctly).

2. Place it in the right position and orientation.

3. Meet our customer in person

Whats possible...anything really!

Below are some examples of our work - hope you enjoy!

If you'd like to chat about a project please call Tony 0412 634 817 or email me