Custom Order Books case, Dining table and two couch arm, drink holders

I was lucky enough to find a customer that wanted to replace a book shelf as part of the renovations they were doing to their home.

They started off by visiting my workshop and I showed them a piece. It was a hoop pine dining table I was working on. I showed it as an example of the colours and features in the timber. The customer loved the table so much she asked me for a quote on a table and book shelf.

The book shelf was over 2.6m long so I had to talk to a timber supplier, found a piece and did the quote (including the leg design the customer wanted). Whilst my customer was visiting she also saw some of my couch arm, drinks holders and asked for two of those as well.

Below is the before and after images of the book shelf.

We retained one of the live edges at the front which the customer loves. I think you'll agree its a great upgrade with beautiful, rich, warm tones.

Below is the dining table we delivered.

The colours of the timber complements the customers space even though the floor timber and other pieces are different type and shades of timber. I tell a lot of customers to not be scared to mix timbers. They are natural and always complement each other. Even the customers current chairs look good with their new table.

Below is an image of one of the couch arm, drinks holders on the customers couch.

I think its made a huge upgrade for my customer home and I'm so please how much they love their Goatwood pieces. I hope they enjoy them for many years to come and have many happy meals together around their new dining table.

Thanks Mel & Travis :)