Why purchase a custom, hand made table from Goatwood?

There are many reason to purchasing a custom, hand made, dining table, desk, coffee table, side table or hall console from Goatwood but here are a few.

  1. Your piece is custom made with love specifically for you by the founder of Goatwood (Tony Bullock-Formosa).
  2. Every aspect of your piece is custom made e.g. length, width, height, leg design, leg colour, timber/glass/epoxy and timber finish.
  3. Each piece is designed by Tony and only available from Goatwood.
  4. All of the timber that we use for a piece of furniture, is one or two pieces of beautiful, thick whole timber e.g. a real slice of an Australian tree. None of the timber we used was cut down for the purpose of making timber. It is sourced as salvaged or recycled timber e.g. it has a second life or it was saved from the wood chipper or being burnt by a landowner.
  5. You are supporting a local business.
  6. Buying locally mean no air miles.
  7. Goatwood only uses plant based oil finished that contain no VOC’s
  8. You want a one off piece made just for you. 
  9. Your custom piece of furniture will probably outlive you and will become a family heirloom that will be passed down to your children or future generations.
  10. Whole slabs of timber are not only beautiful and tactile but will also make a statement in your home or boardroom. They inspire conversation and turn the humblest of meals or a meeting into an occasion.

Q. Is custom made expensive?

A. No, in terms of the man-hours and cost of materials, it’s surprisingly affordable.

For a free quote or chat about your bespoke piece of furniture call, text or message Tony Bullock-Formosa 0412 634 817

Facebook: @goatwood.com.au