About Us!

Our goal is to make the finest, handmade, exclusive, contemporary, Furniture, made here in Melbourne, Australia.


Why we started Goatwood?

We started Goatwood because we were looking for a contemporary live edge dining table in Australia and couldn’t find anyone making the types of tables that we saw on the internet (in the US and Europe). We visited many furniture stores and nothing fit our brief e.g. a real live edge, timber table, made from whole timber (a real slice of a tree not glued together offcuts) with contemporary designed legs, that wouldn’t break the bank. Sadly we couldn’t find it so we made our own table and Goatwood was born. Then, we started to design and created a number of cutting edge design that can be found on our website under “Table Leg Designs”  and can be matched with any number of different timbers from around Australia. We have cultivating relationships with all the major saw mill owners (around Australia) so that we know what type of timber are available at what price).

Whats different about Goatwood?

In essence Goatwood is not trying to make the same type of tables you can find at any furniture store. Our aim is to make the best contemporary designed and built tables in the world, that can be bought by anyone regardless of their means. 

Therefore we offer:

  • Exclusive contemporary designs that you won’t find elsewhere ,
  • Live edge whole timber Kitchen/Dining tables (and other furniture)
  • Salvaged, Australian hard and softwood, timbers
  • Tables that will last more than a lifetime and probably become family hair looms
  • Tables that represent extremely great value for money.

Our tables are handmade, statement pieces that are a true one-offs (every one is different)

We offer:

  • A variety of timber options (to suit your budget)
  • Your choice of leg designs
  • Your choice of size, e.g. table length, width, height
  • Your choice of powder coating colours (legs)
  • A mix of timber and glass (even coloured glass)
  • Natural plant oils that bring out the best your timbers grain and contain no VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds)

This means everything is configuarable and is why we do not advertise prices on our website because no two tables will cost the same. Timber A is not the same price as timber B, add glass and/or a different leg design and its a whole different table. Too expensive, no problem, we can switch the timber that is a similar colour but less expensive. I guess you could say we are different because every project we do is differed. We do not offer a cookie cutter service and are as individual as you.


It's overwhelming?

We understand and we will make it as easy as possible by guiding you through the process, step by step. It's a bit like building a house, what style do you like, what size do you want 3-4 bedrooms etc, We’ll start off slowly, do you know what size you want? if not how many people do you want to seat or how big is the space you want the table to fill.

What type of timber do you like? If you don’t know the name e.g Oak, Blackwood, Redgum etc. tell us what colours you like or send us a picture. Better still take a look through our website and let us know if you see something you like or search the internet, maybe that’s a great start!

Is there a style of legs you like? We have many to choose from or, we can make something just for you! You’ve seen something you like elsewhere? We can create our take on a design (we will not outright copy).


We believe you want something special and that’s what we specialise in. Statement pieces that inspire conversation, that will impress your family and guests. Something that will stand the test of time and that will turn even the humblest meal into an event.


Why are we called Goatwood?

1. Goat is an acronym for (Greatest Of All Time) something we aspire too.

2. Tony's family name is "Formosa" a common Maltese name. Mosa sounds very much like a Maltese word that means goat.

3 We wanted to combine Goat with a word that symbolised timber and chose wood

So Goatwood it is!

Who will make my table:
All of our tables are personally designed and built by Tony Bullock-Formosa.
"I just love making beautiful things and if I can take a piece of unloved timber and can turn it into something special, all the better".
Call me on 0412634817 and let's create a unique piece just for you!