Terms and Conditions

If you use this website you are using it on the basis subject to these terms and conditions

Goatwood is an Australian manufacturer of salvaged or reclaimed timber. We do not ship outside of Australia.

To purchase a table you must pay a deposit and make a number of selections. One made these cannot be altered once the manufacture process has begun and the item will be delivered or shipped as per your order.

Goatwood standard pricing structure is also based on the original size of the timber slab purchased for your order regardless of the finished size of the table the customer orders.

The customer has to choose from one of Goatwood’s unique design legs and choose form the Goatwood standard powder coat colour pallet.

Work will only commence (on a table) after a 50% deposit is paid in full.

Build time per table is 12 weeks from the date from which the deposit is paid in full or the date on which the customer has made all the decision (relating to their table) e.g. finished sizes, leg design, colour choices etc or, from the time of delivery where Goatwood has to source timber for a client which ever date is last.

Goatwood has the right to refuse any order for any reason.

Tables will only be delivered or shipped when payment in full has been received by Goatwood in cleared funds.

Goatwood offers Free delivery and installation to customers in the Melbourne Metro Area. Shipping outside this area can be arranged (at the purchasers expense) once the table is complete as it is based on weight and size.

For more information or to make an appointment please call: Tony 0412634817 or email: tony@goatwood.com.au